Assisting Real Estate Businesses in Hackensack, NJ

Some of the most unique to manage businesses out there are those which lie within the real estate industry. The regulations and tax situations tied to this industry require the assistance of an accountant experienced in its unique needs. As an accounting firm experienced in serving this market, SRG Advisors, LLC provides real estate accounting services to businesses in Hackensack, Teaneck, Fort Lee, Paramus, and the surrounding communities.

Services Provided

The accounting services we provide are focused on helping your business thrive within the changing real estate market. By receiving the assistance of an accounting professional skilled in the Hackensack area market, your accounting needs can be met in a much more fluid manner. Our accounting firm will help you with all bookkeeping functions necessary for property owners. Additionally, our payroll services make sure that your taxes are filed and records are maintained with timeliness and accuracy. SRG Advisors, LLC also advises real estate owners, developers, and investors to help them achieve their unique financial and operational goals. Our experience in, and knowledge of, the real estate market allows us to provide effective, accurate consultations.

Real Estate Tax Specialists

Owning and leasing property creates unique tax situations in addition to their regulatory realities. Proper tax planning and filing are essential to the survival of any real estate business. Choosing the right tax professional to ensure tax liabilities are minimized and responsibilities are met is key to setting up the business for positive growth. Just as our firm is skilled in advising and supporting your business’ accounting needs, SRG Advisors, LLC is experienced in planning ahead for tax burdens unique to the real estate industry. There are plenty of tax saving strategies we know, from determining the tax ramifications of incorporation, to balancing your capital gains with depreciation on a tax return. Our firm can find the strategy that best serves your company’s situation within the Hackensack area real estate industry.

Real Estate Niches Served

SRG Advisors, LLC represents many types of real estate entities. Residential and commercial rental properties and owner-occupied properties are effectively represented by our firm. We also provide our accounting and tax support to residential and commercial builders and real estate service companies. Wherever your company’s niche is within the real estate industry, we can help your business succeed.

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SRG Advisors, LLC provides real estate accounting services to the people of Hackensack, Paramus, Fort Lee, Teaneck, and the surrounding communities. For more information