November 10, 2020 Posted in Budget, Accounting

3 Things Doctors Need to Know About Medical School Loans and Mortgage

Many doctors are in debt their first few years of work because of their medical school loans and the interest that the loans accrue. In addition, many doctors are paying mortgage interest on a house. While the interest deduction on student loan payments has limitations based on income, mortgage interest does not. As a result, it is usually beneficial for doctors to pay down their student loan debt before their mortgage.

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November 06, 2020 Posted in Budget, Accounting

Pass-Through Business Alternative Income Tax Act

On January 13th, 2020, New Jersey joined Connecticut, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, and Wisconsin in establishing a new tax for pass-through entities. This act, called the “Pass-Through Business Alternative Income Tax Act”, provides for a voluntary tax available to S Corporations, Partnerships, and LLCs taxed as partnerships.

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MAR 11, 2019 Posted in Budget, Accounting

International Cash and Assets

In recent years the IRS has been on a mission to identify and investigate US citizens hiding assets offshore. There have been countless news articles detailing how international banks make settlements to help US citizens avoid taxes. Recently the release of the Panama Papers and the Paradise Papers (Appleby) opened the world to how the top 1% of the wealthy stash their assets offshore.

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JULY 09, 2019 Posted in Financial

$40,000 Tax Return Error

At SRG Advisors, LLC we believe in more than just being tax preparers; we strive to be our clients’ financial quarterback. CPA’s are the most trusted advisors to their business and personal clients. Clients who hire the right CPA and ask questions before making decisions will always come out ahead.

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MAR 06, 2018 Posted in Financial


My specialty at SRG Advisors, LLC is real estate. While our clients hail from varied industry groups, some of the largest, challenging, and rewarding ones are in the real estate industry. Today I would like to highlight some simple and complex transactions we have worked on in this field, many that have involved 1031 exchanges.

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