MAR 11, 2019 Posted in Budget, Accounting

$600,000 Refunded to our new client


The owners of a multi-million dollar manufacturing company were looking to hire a part-time CFO to review their accounting records and to give them tax advice. They were previously using an external sole practitioner who they had been with for many years. They never had another accountant review their business or personal tax returns. SOS! Second Opinion Services

Upon initial review of their tax returns, SRG Advisors, LLC noticed that they were not taking a significant deduction which had the potential of saving them hundreds of thousands of dollars. We mentioned the potential savings to our client and they were astonished. They were not aware of this deduction and could not fathom actually getting any money back from the IRS. Fast forward a year:


We were able to amend the two partners returns starting from 2012 and saved/refunded each partner approximately $65,000 for a combined 2012 refund of $130,000. We then amended their 2013 return and saved/refunded each partner over $80,000 each, for a combined 2013 savings of $160,000. In total, our clients received refund checks for over $290,000 from the IRS and States.

Moving forward we prepared 2014 and 2015 returns correctly saving the client more than $300,000 in total for both years. This one client had a total savings of over $600,000 from hiring SRG Advisors, LLC.

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There are many significant and complex tax deductions and credits for businesses in all industries. However, many businesses and their accountants are unaware of these savings and the tax returns are never given appropriate attention or a second look. Contact SRG Advisors today to have a highly trained and dedicated member of our team review your returns!!! SOS! Second Opinion Services